We love knowing our time together was as good for you as it was for us!
If you were pleased with your lesson we'd love to hear about it! 




Take some MTB lessons from Jamie and you'll wonder how you ever lived without mountain biking in your life!


During our lesson together Jamie started out riding behind me giving me real time feedback and advice on my form. She also rode in front of me at times to give me an expert example of how to ride certain trail sections. She's extremely knowledgeable of mountain biking and finds a way to instill her knowledge and passion on to you. 

Whether you're a first timer looking to get started or a seasoned mountain biker looking to take your skills to the next level, I highly suggest lessons from SimplyMTB!


- Michael Pell




I have a pretty extensive road cycling background and have always been hesitant to go mountain biking because the dirt seemed sketchy. I had gone previously with a friend and it was very frustrating every time. I didn't know what I was doing and it was VERY different from road riding.


It wasn't until I went with Jamie that stuff actually clicked! I went from being constantly nervous, feeling out of control and hating it to relaxed and started to have fun. I became WAY more confident. By the end of the day I was able to follow Jamie all around Corner Canyon with ease and for the first time had a great mountain Biking experience.


No one teaches or explains how to ride better than Jamie!


- Jillian Gardner




Watching Jamie grow as a mountain biker has been very inspirational, and shows that she truly understands the challenges that new riders face.


The first time I rode mountain with Jamie (she had ridden road bikes for years by this point), she was having such a hard time that she was in tears; I honestly did not think she would ever ride off-road ever again. "Nevertheless she persisted." After figuring out which equipment worked best for her and developing the skills she needed, she is one of; if not the most enthusiastic riders I know.


Of anyone that I would trust to introduce new riders to the sport in a way that will create a life-long love affair, Jamie is at the top of that list.


If you're looking for a great lesson from someone with a sincere passion for mountain biking, and an understanding of what it takes to succeed, look no further!


- Brad Gehrig




Jamie is great! After taking at least five years off of riding, my husband got himself a fancy new mountain bike and started to ride again. He was happy but worried about crashing and kept saying, "I'm off to ride my bike... man, I hope I don't crash" and regaling me with stories about that one time he flew over the handlebars and went flying like 20 feet down the trail. "Yeah, I don't want you to crash either!" So, I got him a lesson with Jamie.

He says Jamie is super cool, a great teacher, is enthusiastic and upbeat, and he had a great time. He says he went from being afraid and having to walk down switchbacks and rocky sections to navigating switchbacks without even having to put his foot down and riding rocky sections with confidence - all in one lesson.

I highly recommend Jamie and SimplyMTB.


- Erica Bukovac